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EBC Redstuff fast road brake pads AP Racing CP5000 series, Hispec Monster & R132 DP3002C

EBC Redstuff fast road brake pads AP Racing CP5000 series, Hispec Monster & R132 DP3002C
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CP3215D50 type pad


CP3215D50 type pad. Fits the following AP Racing calipers:
CP3216, CP3257, CP3286, CP3288, CP3307, CP3312, CP3326, CP3365, CP3434, CP3435, CP3440, CP3470, CP3475, CP3620, CP3688, CP3720, CP3727, CP3733, CP3750, CP4020, CP4219, CP4620, CP4690, CP4725, CP4890, CP4896, CP4996, CP5000 (most), CP5006, CP5040 (-2/-3/-4/-5), CP5200, CP5205, CP5209, CP5219, CP5589, CP5620, CP5689, CP6320, CP6340, CP6420, CP6470, CP6520, CP6560, CP6562, CP6564, CP6720, CP6730, CP6740, CP9440.
Also fits the following Hi-Spec calipers:
Monster 4, Monster 6, R132-4, R132-6 & RR132.
EBC Redstuff Ceramic Low Dust Brake Pads

EBC Brakes® Redstuff is a superb pad for premium and fast road use and faster prestige cars. Built with a premium quality LOW dust brake material, these pads contain ZERO steel fibre and even the small amount of dust created washes off easily with a sponge and water. Redstuff pads also reduce disc wear so that discs and pads last longer whilst delivering great brake performance. The ceramic particles enhance the aramid fibre formulation used in Redstuff to deliver a powerful and long lasting, silent brake pad for the discerning driver. Redstuff is an ideal upgrade for original pads on prestige and faster cars in urban driving and deliver great brake response and feel from first application of the brakes, avoiding the "lag" common with many original and aftermarket products. Powder coated RED in colour and fitted with premium quality OE style noise reduction shims on the reverse of the pads to guarantee silent braking.

Redstuff is tested to the new ECE R 90 brake standards and is therefore completely road legal. These pads are NOT for track use - for track driving of any kind see Yellowstuff or new Bluestuff and Orangestuff which are designed for this purpose.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Part No DP3002C
Product Group Brake Pads, Shoes & Fitting Kits
Stock Status Available From Stock
Brand Logo Burton Power
Fits Model Variant Unknown

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