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Kent Cams fast road camshaft (regrind): Ford Taunus/Cologne 2.8 V6 carb (small bearing) -09/82

Kent Cams fast road camshaft (regrind): Ford Taunus/Cologne 2.8 V6 carb (small bearing) -09/82
No Tax, Each £108.02 Taxed, Each £129.62
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Carburettor profile. Good all round fast road camshaft with ....
No Tax, Each £108.02 Taxed, Each £129.62


Customer must supply suitable camshaft for regrind - no old units available.

Carburettor profile giving up to 16bhp increase. For early engines with a front cam journal diameter of 41.9mm.

Power Band: 1500-6500rpm

Valve Lift: 0.416" inlet/0.414" exhaust

Duration: 280°

Timing Figures: 37/63/73/27

Inlet Timing: 103° ATDC

Inlet lift at TDC: 0.122"

Valve Clearances: .014" inlet/.016" exhaust

Valve lifts quoted using a theoretical rocker ratio of 1.47:1. Durations quoted at .016” / .40mm checking height.

Recommended parts to fit with this camshaft:
Followers: TV1420
Valve Springs: TV416

Ford Taunus/Cologne V6
  • Ford Capri 2.0/2.3/2.6 V6 1969-09/1982
  • Ford Cortina Mk4/Mk5 2.3 V6 1977-1982
  • Ford Granada Mk1 2.0/2.3/2.6 V6 1972-1977
  • Ford Granada Mk2 2.0/2.3/2.8 V6 1977-09/1982
  • Ford Taunus 17M P7 1.8 V6 1968-1971
  • Ford Taunus 20M P5 2.0 V6 1964-1967
  • Ford Taunus 20M P7 2.0/2.3 V6 1967-1971
  • Ford Taunus 26M 2.6 V6 1969-1971
  • Ford Taunus TC 2.0/2.3 V6 1970-1976
  • Ford Taunus Mk2/Mk3 2.0/2.3 V6 1976-1982
  • Reliant Scimitar GTE/GTC 2.8 V6 1979-09/1982
Additional Information

Additional Information

Part No VT12XSB
Fits Engine Type Ford Taunus/Cologne V4/V6
Product Group Camshafts
Stock Status Available From Stock
Fits Engine Make Ford
Brand Logo Kent Cams
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