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Donington track day 2018

Great offers available on genuine Quaife ATBs but be aware of cheap imitations...

Quaife ATB Differentials - Quaife has been forced to expand its manufacturing capacity to cope with the increase in demand for their quality products, in particular their ATB differentials. With Ford Motor Company choosing Quaife to supply their LSD for all 3 generations of the Focus RS, as well as approving Quaife’s Fiesta and Focus ST products as aftermarket parts, this is the perfect endorsement of the pedigree and quality of Quaife’s products. The new 2018 Fiesta ST will also be offered with a Quaife ATB as a factory option.

As a result of the latest investments to produce over 4000 ATBs for the Mk3 Focus RS Edition, Quaife has selected a few of its highest selling Ford aftermarket units to be made at its OEM rate of 100 per day. Due to our Ford speciality, purchasing capacity and long standing relationship with Quaife, Burton Power have been selected as an exclusive partner to market these Ford units. These cost savings are being passed on to our customers, who will be able to experience these quality, world-renowned products at an even more tempting price point.

This opportunity has come at a perfect time with selected ATBs sadly now at the hands of Chinese copiers at cheap prices. Whilst they may look similar, you cannot see the difference in tolerances and material specifications which are tightly controlled in Quaife's UK based production sites. Why take a chance on a cheap copy when you can enjoy the real thing for only a fraction more?

Quaife ATB
Ford English Axle ATB

As fitted to many of the early RWD Ford models including Escort Mk1/Mk2, Cortina Mk1/Mk2, Corsair,
Anglia 105E and Lotus Elan.
Quaife RRP: £500 + VAT (£600 inc VAT),
Now priced at £350 + VAT (£420 inc VAT) - 30% discount!

Quaife part number QDF5Z/22, Burton part number QUALSD1 - click to buy

Quaife ATB

Ford Atlas Axle ATB

16 spline version, originally fitted to most Capri 2.0 and 2.8/3.0 V6 models as well as most Cortina Mk3/4/5 2.0 models. Also used as an upgrade in many competition Escort Mk1/2 models.
Quaife RRP: £715 + VAT (£858 inc VAT),
Now priced at £400 + VAT (£480 inc VAT) - 44% discount!

Quaife part number QDF6Z/16, Burton part number QUALSD2 - click to buy

Quaife ATB

Ford Sierra 7" Axle ATB

To fit the standard Sierra axle as fitted to most non-Cosworth models and also used in many Caterham models and kit cars.
Quaife RRP: £605 + VAT (£726 inc VAT),
Now priced at £400 + VAT (£480 inc VAT) - 34% discount!

Quaife part number QDF15Z, Burton part number QUALSD5 - click to buy