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brands hatch track day 2019

The first Burton Power Track Day for 2019 is quickly approaching. This year we have 5 days scheduled at 4 amazing tracks starting with Brands Hatch in March.

Brands Hatch Indy Circuit - Although a short circuit taking around a minute for a lap, this circuit is technically challenging and a favourite for many drivers. Maximum concentration is needed to master this circuit with its camber changes and lack of flatness. If you’ve yet to experience the rollercoaster of Paddock Hill bend, now’s your chance!

So what are these track days all about?
Track days are the only way to legally drive your car to the maximum in the UK and far safer than most think - everyone’s going the same direction for a start! Track days are strictly non-competitive, there are no lap times and overtaking is restricted to the straights. It’s all about driving your car around the track as fast as you feel comfortable without the pressure of comparison laps times. If you haven’t tried one then you should! The past six years of running Burton Power track days has shown an excellent display of driving standards with drivers giving each other plenty of space. This has allowed race cars to safely drive alongside first time track day participants in standard road cars.

Who can join in?
We welcome drivers of all abilities and owners of all makes of cars. You need to be 18 years or older with a full driving licence.

What do I need?
You need a car in good running order for the track. Road cars must conform to MOT standards and track cars must comply with MSA regulations. Each car is tested for noise levels, limits of which can be found on the MSVT website. Other than that, a crash helmet and suitable clothing and you’re ready for the track.

Free Prize Entry Included!
This year all main drivers that have booked a Burton Power track day are automatically entered into a prize draw. A driver is randomly selected during briefing and that lucky person will receive a £100 Burton Power voucher.

Owners of each car booked on the track will also receive an exclusive Burton Power goody bag.

Some of our own cars will be out on circuit and we will gladly give passengers rides if you come and find us.

Track day format: This is a full day from 9am to 5pm with up to 7 hours of track time available. There will be an open pit lane which means you are free to join the circuit at any time subject to confirmation from the pit lane marshalls.

Track Day InsuranceInsurance: driving on a race track is the safest way to explore the performance of your car. However, there is always the possibility that things can go wrong and most insurance policies do not cover incidents that have happened on a circuit. Lockton MIS Motorsport is a company that provides specialist insurance for track days and all forms of competitive motorsport. With policies starting at only £100, we would recommend getting a quote for that extra piece of mind. Lockton MIS Motorsport is the insurance company we at Burton Power use for all our track day requirements and come highly recommended.

Burton Power Track Days coming soon..........
15th April, Donington Park
5th June, Snetterton 300 (full day)
5th June, Snetterton 300 (evening)
24th July, Brands Hatch Indy
25th September, Oulton Park (full circuit)