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Accralite forged piston 92mm Ford 2.0 SOHC Pinto FT132/92

Accralite forged piston 92mm Ford 2.0 SOHC Pinto FT132/92
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High performance engines demand high quality pistons. Accral....


Bore Size: 92.0mm
Capacity: 2045cc
Compression height: 41.65mm
Crown Design: flat top
Crown Thickness: 6.4mm
Compression Ratio: 9.4:1 (estimated)* Skim head to increase CR.
Gudgeon Pin: 24.0mm
Piston Bore Clearance: 0.0035-0.004"
Accralite Part Number: 1027XC92
Parts Included: each piston is supplied with rings, gudgeon pin and circlips
* Please note that compression ratios stated are only a guidance based on new engines and will vary depending on combustion chamber volumes, block heights and differing head gasket thicknesses.

High performance engines demand high quality pistons. Accralite is dedicated to producing the finest forged pistons by combining the very best in materials, design and engineering technology. These tried and tested pistons have many features to aid performance and reliability machined into the piston as standard. So whether a requirement is for minor events or critical high performance applications, the same high specification is applied to the manufacturing processes of all Accralite Pistons. All pistons are matched balanced to within +/- 1 gram weight tolerance and are supplied complete with the finest quality ring sets and gudgeon pins.

So why should you consider Accralite pistons over other brands? Listed below are some of the reasons why we trust Accralite as a superior brand:
  • Accralite forged pistons are manufactured from extruded 2618A bar to Aerospace specifications which are purchased from one of the leading mills in Europe. The bar exceeds all required racing specifications by far, and is traceable right back to its origin.
  • Accralite pistons are forged from precision weighted and turned billets, which eliminates inferior finishes from stress raisers.
  • Accralite pistons are forged using state of the art facilities to aerospace standards on electronically controlled and isothermal forging presses. All work pieces and forging dies are kept to the same temperature helping to eliminate stress as there are no temperature variations throughout the part, giving added grain compression, strength and durability to the finished piston.
  • Accralite pistons are forged using a custom designed specific lubricant to give a perfect internal finish adding strength to the piston.
  • Accralite piston forgings are heat-treated and artificially aged to allow your piston to meet the highest T6 specification. They are then inspected to British Standard Non-destructive Testing Standards that check for imperfections.
  • Accralite piston forgings are vapour blasted internally. Not only to relieve stress but also to show any imperfections that could lead to the forging being rejected as not being suitable to their exacting standards.
  • Accralite pistons have an individual reference point on their base forging to assist in giving the closest crown thickness and out-of-round tolerances possible.
  • Accralite pistons are designed and manufactured to your exacting needs in-house from one location in the UK.
  • Accralite pistons are hand finished and individually weighed by giving them that extra personal touch and then grouping into balanced engine sets. Tolerances are held so tight it is not unusual to have less than 0.3 grams between a set of pistons.
  • Accralite pistons come with the highest specification rings. They are made to the world’s highest standards from the highest-grade materials, chosen for the application and manufactured by, what we feel, the world's leading ring manufacturer who also supplies all of the F1 racing teams.
  • Accralite gudgeon pins come from the UK’s only specialist motorsport piston pin supplier. With pins manufactured using the highest grades of fully certified case hardening and nitrided steels giving maximum strength and durability.
  • Accralite pistons come complete with the highest specification gudgeon pin circlips. They are sometimes over looked as being a crucial component of the piston. They are manufactured from top grade steel to the highest BS standards; with each clip being hand de-burred to help reduce groove wear.
  • All the above results in Accralite pistons having greater longevity and in some cases, lasting over twice as long as that of the competition, saving money and time in costly rebuilds.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Part No FT132/92
Fits Engine Type Ford SOHC (Pinto)
Product Group Pistons - Forged
Stock Status Available From Stock
Fits Engine Make Ford
Catalogue 2018 Page Click HERE to view this part on page 23 of our 2018 catalogue
Brand Logo Accralite
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