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Accusump 12" long 4 pint & electric valve ACCU1E

Accusump 12" long 4 pint & electric valve ACCU1E
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Accusump is an oil storage accumulator that holds a pressuri....


Accusump is an oil storage accumulator that holds a pressurised charge of oil that is released when there is a drop in the engine’s oil pressure. It is connected to the pressure side of the engine’s oil feed system and is charged with oil from the engine oil pump.

High performance and competition engines are by nature put under a lot of stress and G-force. During hard cornering, acceleration and braking, oil in the sump will surge from side to side, occasionally resulting in the oil pump pick-up becoming briefly uncovered. Such a momentary loss of pressure can set the stage for severe engine damage. However, an engine fitted with an Accusump would be provided with oil during such moments, vastly reducing the potential for damage. Accusump is also able to establish pressurised oil to an engine prior to start-up. Since studies claim up to 80% of engine wear occurs during the start-up before pressure is established, Accusump will help minimise engine wear.

Although Accusump can be plumbed directly into an engine’s main oil gallery, it is usually far easier to plumb it through a sandwich plate by the oil filter. Since the accumulator is pressurised, it can be mounted in any position. A one-way valve must be used to ensure that oil flows from the Accusump to the oil gallery and not back to the oil pump. A shut-off valve must also be used to maintain pressure in the Accusump when the engine is turned off. There is the option of a manual valve or an electric valve, controlled by a remote switch or the ignition.

Additional Information

Additional Information

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