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Bailey oil separator tank: Fiesta RS Turbo BMOST17.1

Bailey oil separator tank: Fiesta RS Turbo BMOST17.1
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Car manufacturers spend thousands of pounds developing effic....


Car manufacturers spend thousands of pounds developing efficient breather systems for their cars, which usually work perfectly okay for a standard model, but once the engine RPM or power output is raised (cams, increased boost pressure etc.) the standard system is no longer sufficient. Bailey breather systems actually separate the oil into vapour and liquid, which gives three major benefits: REDUCED CRANKCASE PRESSURE - Freeing up crankcase pressure by increasing the capacity of the breather and adding more or larger breather pipes, has the result of reducing oil blow-by. This means quite simply that your engine will perform better for longer as the tough job of controlling the oil breathing system is taken care of by the oil separator. OIL RE-CIRCULATION - Because Bailey oil separators are designed to return the oil back to the engine sump, your oil will last longer and the risk of running out of oil is reduced. Oil particles released from the engine are suspended in the air that enters the separator and once separated, the oil is returned through a drain connection to the engine sump. There is also a large bore vent hose that is routed safely underneath the car, to expel any engine fumes.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Part No BMOST17.1
Fits Engine Type Ford CVH
Part Type Unknown
Product Group Engine Bay Tanks
Stock Status No Longer Available
Fits Engine Make Ford
Fits Model Variant Ford Fiesta Mk3 (RS Turbo)

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