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Catalogue 2012 Page 108

Burton Power 2012 Catalogue Page 108

PIAA Night Tech H4 60/55w bulbs pair - HE820 PIAA Night Tech H3 55w bulbs pair - HE821 PIAA Night Tech H1 55w bulbs pair - HE822 PIAA Night Tech H7 55w bulbs pair - HE823 PIAA Extreme White Plus H4 bulbs pair - HE303 PIAA Extreme White Plus H3 bulbs pair - HE305 PIAA Extreme White Plus H1 bulbs pair - HE307 PIAA Extreme White Plus H7 bulbs pair - HE309 PIAA Platinum Competition H4 bulbs each - H88 PIAA platinum competition HB bulbs each - H107 PIAA platinum competition H1 bulbs each - H103 PIAA platinum competition H7 bulbs each - H105 PIAA 1100X drive lamp kit clear lenses - L11E PIAA 80XT series kit drive - PK661E PIAA 80XT series kit fog - PK662E PIAA 80XT series kit spot - PK663E PIAA 80 pro series lamp only drive - PR801WE PIAA 80 pro series lamp only fog - PR802WE PIAA 80 pro series lamp only spot - PR803WE PIAA 80 Pro Series wiring harness - PHS1FE PIAA sports horns 115db 500hz & 600hz - HO8E PIAA LED side light bulbs pair - H263 PIAA wedge Hyper Dimple Super LED bulb (pair) - H407 PIAA wedge Super Tera Evolution 6000k (pair) - H520 Lamp brackets (pair) Escort Mk1 - LBK1 Alloy lamp brackets. quick release: Escort Mk1 - LBK3 Alloy lamp brackets quick release: Escort Mk2 - LBK2

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