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Catalogue 2012 Page 110

Burton Power 2012 Catalogue Page 110

Steel LSD end plate, English Salisbury - LSDEP1 Repair kit  English LSD  friction plates - LSDREP English LSD shim  .005in - LSDSHIM/005 English LSD shim  .010in - LSDSHIM/010 English LSD shim  .020in - LSDSHIM/020 Alloy differential housing, shimmed, English axle - LSDDH1 Tran-X LSD unit: English 22 spline - LSDTRAN3 Tran-X LSD unit: English Atlas side gears 16 spline - LSDTRAN4 Tran-X LSD unit: English GP4 side gears 18 spline - LSDTRAN5 Tran-X LSD unit: Type BC/IB5 FWD gearbox. Fiesta, Escort, Focus, Ka, Orion and Puma models - LSDTRAN8 Tran-X LSD unit: Sierra 7 Tran-X LSD unit: Atlas 16 spline - LSDTRAN6 Tran-X LSD unit: Atlas GP4 18 spline - LSDTRAN7 Salisbury LSD unit: all steel English 22 spline Escort Mk1/Mk2, Cortina Mk1/Mk2, Anglia 105E - LSDTRAN Tran-X LSD unit: all steel English 16 spline Capri - LSDTRAN2 Large diff tunnel (round edges): Escort Mk1/Mk2 - MP1025 Atlas axle steel differential skid plate - AXAT13 HD Atlas axle brace 8mm thick - AXAT10 HD Atlas axle brace 10mm thick with std 58mm clamps - AXAT14/58 Alloy pigs head differential housing: Atlas axle (60mm tubes) - AXAT11 Atlas replacement differential cover steel - AXAT12

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