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Catalogue 2012 Page 152

Burton Power 2012 Catalogue Page 152

Bulkhead strenghtening plate: Escort Mk2 - MP1030 Underwing strengthening plate (pair): Escort Mk1/Mk2 - MP1031 Group 4 strut top plates (pair): Escort Mk2 - MP1037 Front works type chassis skids (pair): Escort Mk1/Mk2 - MP1032 Cross member/chassis mounting tube (each): Escort Mk1/Mk2 - MP1036 Top radiator panel: Escort Mk2 RS - MP1033 Radiator gusset (each): Escort Mk2 - MP1034 Lower radiator cut out panel: Escort Mk2 - MP1035 Alloy centre dash panel (large tunnel): Escort Mk2 - MP1038 Alloy ashtray panel: Escort Mk2 works type - MP1039 Alloy front spoiler: Escort Mk2 - MP1040 alloy front arch: escort mk2 left hand - mp1041lh alloy rear forest arch: escort mk2 left hand - mp1042lh Group 1 shaped firewall: Escort Mk2 - MP1043 Group 4 alloy firewall kit (inc boot infills): Escort Mk2 - MP1044 Alloy rear lamp protectors (pair): Escort Mk2 - MP1045 Grayston bonnet pins  stainless steel competition - GE52 Grayston bonnet pins: blue anodised alloy - GE52B Grayston bonnet pins: red anodised alloy - GE52R Grayston bonnet pins: black anodised alloy - GE52BL Grayston bonnet pins: gold anodised alloy - GE52G Locking bonnet pins - A1/496L Alloy navigators footrest - NAVFR Eye bolt/plate 23mm seat belt fixing - GE50S Grayston black T pull cable 1.5m long extinguisher - GE60B Grayston black T pull cable 3m long extinguisher - GE61B Grayston red T pull cable 1.5m long extinguisher - GE60R Grayston red T pull cable  3m long extinguisher - GE61R FIA approved towing eye - TOWEYE Grayston boot spring kit - GE53 Boot clips. rubber - A1/496 Dzus fastener 0.400 Dzus fastener 0.450 Dzus fastener 0.500 Dzus fastener 0.550 Dzus fastener 0.600 Dzus fastener 0.650 Dzus fastener 0.700 Dzus fastener 0.850 Dzus spring 0.153 Dzus spring 0.203 Dzus spring 0.253 Dzus spring 0.278 Front panel mesh kit: Escort Mk2 - MP1020 Alloy mudflap bracket, anodised black. priced each - MP1016 Sparco universal mud flaps: blue - SPC03791AZ Sparco universal mud flaps: red - SPC03791RS Sparco universal mud flaps: white - SPC03791 Sparco universal mud flaps: black - SPC03791NR Mud flap material 18 Mud flap material 18 Mud flap material 18 Aerocatch plus flush non-locking (pair) - T120-2000 Aerocatch plus flush locking (pair) - T120-2100 Clamp-on peep mirror 75mm diameter curved arm - MIRRORP52 Clamp-on peep mirror 105mm diameter curved arm - MIRRORP105 Longbase mirror. 112mm diameter - MIRRORLB lucas wing mirror lh - mirrorluclh

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