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Catalogue 2012 Page 159

Burton Power 2012 Catalogue Page 159

Piston ring compressor, 3.5 Piston ring compressor set - JSH144 Wrinkle band piston ring compressor. Range: 76.2-127mm - JSL21700 Ridge reamer: range 68.3-134.9mm - JSL36500 Cylinder glaze breaker - JSH325 Piston ring installer - JSL33500 Valve spring compressor: capacity 60-155mm, throat 160mm - DRA13892 Valve spring compressor: DOHC type - DRA02713 Brake piston spreader - DRA52335 CVH valve spring compressor - VS150 Valve stem seal pliers - JSE13158 Seal puller - JSL56750 Cylinder head stand kit - DRA89767 Block tester kit - JSBT500 DTI gauge-digital 25mm/1.00 Bearing packer - JSL65250 Small hone three leg - JSH310 Spigot bearing - slide hammer - JST682400 Valve grinder stick - DRA10409 Valve grinder kit - DRA72891 Lisle oil filter wrench: 2.75 - 3.25 Lisle oil filter wrench: 3.5 - 3.75 Bearing race & seal driver - JSL12600 Trident angular torque gauge - JST285200 Thread restoring file, imperial - JSAE2665 Thread restoring file, metric - JSAE2670 Trident ball joint separator - JST432100

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