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Catalogue 2012 Page 160

Burton Power 2012 Catalogue Page 160

Valve spring compressor, in-situ - DRA57630 Cylinder pressurising hose - JSG7200 Gallery brush, 3/8in - JSGB1 Gallery brush, 1/2in - JSGB2 Gallery brush, 5/8in - JSGB3 Gallery brush, 3/4in - JSGB4 Gallery brush kit, 3/8,1/2,5/8,3/4in - JSGBK Brake pipe flaring kit - ITC3957 Magnetic stand base for DTI gauge - DRA45276 C spanner, 2.25 Goodridge stainless steel locking wire .024 Goodridge stainless steel locking wire .032 Goodridge stainless steel locking wire .040 HT ignition tester - DRA38898 Temperature gun,0-788degf - INF100 Tyre pressure gauge - 60psi/4bar - ITCRH60XA Glaze breaker/hone for cylinder dia. 2 Mityvac vacuum pump for automotive tune-up & brake bleeding - JSMV8000 Cylinder leakage tester-petrol only - JSG6550 Analyser  digital automotive - DRA50024 Gsi petrol compression tester - JSG6200 Cylinder head component storage rack - CHRACK Suspension spring compressor, 10 Stethoscope - DRA54503 Pistol grip Xenon timing light - DRA52616 Stud extractor set  4pc 6-12mm roller - DRA55641

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