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Catalogue 2012 Page 51

Burton Power 2012 Catalogue Page 51

main jet: weber dcoe/idf 100 - webjetm1.100 main jet: weber dgv/dgas/dcd/ich/ibf 100 - webjetm2.100 main jet: weber dcnf/dft/dmtr/dmtl 100 - webjetm3.100 main jet dellorto dhla 110 - deljetm1.110 air jet weber dcoe/idf/ida: 100 - webjeta1.100 air jet weber dgv/dgas/ich/ibf: 100 - webjeta2.100 air jet weber dcnf/dmtr/dmtl: 100 - webjeta3.100 air jet dellorto dhla 110 - deljeta1.110 idle jet weber dcoe: 40f2 - webjeti1.40f2 idle jet: weber dgv/dgas/dft/dfm 40 - webjeti2.40 idle jet: weber idf/dcnf 50 - webjeti3.50 idle jet dellorto dhla 45 - deljeti1.45 emulsion tube: weber dcoe/idf f11 - webjete1.f11 weber emulsion tube f2 dgv/dgas/ich/ibf - webjete2.f2 emulsion tube dellorto dhla .5 - deljete1.5 emulsion tube: weber dcoe/idf f11 - webjete1.f11 Pump jet alloy sealing washer: Weber DCOE - WEBJETP1W pump jet dellorto dhla 30 - deljetp1.30 needle valve: weber dcoe 150 - webjetn1.150 needle valve: weber dgv/dgas 150 - webjetn2.150 needle valve dellorto dhla 150 - deljetn1.150 pump spill 100 weber dcoe - webjetsp1.100 Starter jet Weber DCOE 40 & 45 85F9 std - WEBJETS1.85F9 Ram pipe Weber 40DCOE 16mm superlight aluminium - WEBAH4016 Ram pipe Weber 40DCOE 26mm superlight aluminium - WEBAH4026 Ram pipe Weber 40DCOE 39mm superlight aluminium - WEBAH4039 Ram pipe Weber 40DCOE 55mm superlight aluminium - WEBAH4055 Ram pipe Weber 40DCOE 75mm superlight aluminium - WEBAH4075 Weber trumpet D washer: 40 DCOE - WEBDW40 Ram pipe Weber 45DCOE 16mm superlight aluminium - WEBAH4516 Ram pipe Weber 45DCOE 26mm superlight aluminium - WEBAH4526 Ram pipe Weber 45DCOE 39mm superlight aluminium - WEBAH4539 Ram pipe Weber 45DCOE 55mm superlight aluminium - WEBAH4555 Ram pipe Weber 45DCOE 75mm superlight aluminium - WEBAH4575 Weber trumpet D washer: 45 DCOE - WEBDW45 Ram pipe Weber 48DCO/SP 16mm billet aluminium - WEBAH4816 Ram pipe Weber 48DCO/SP 38mm billet aluminium - WEBAH4838 Ram pipe Weber 48DCO/SP 75mm billet aluminium - WEBAH4875 Weber trumpet D washer: 48 DCO/SP - WEBDW48 Ram pipe Weber 40DCOE 20mm billet aluminium - WEBAH40.20 Ram pipe Weber 40DCOE 30mm billet aluminium - WEBAH40.30 Ram pipe Weber 45DCOE 20mm billet aluminium - WEBAH45.20 Ram pipe Weber 45DCOE 30mm billet aluminium - WEBAH45.30 Ram pipe Weber 45DCOE 45mm billet aluminium - WEBAH45.45 Ram pipe Weber 45DCOE 60mm billet aluminium - WEBAH45.60 Ram pipe Dellorto 40DHLA 14mm long - DELAH40.14 Ram pipe Dellorto 40DHLA  20mm long - DELAH40.20 Ram pipe Dellorto 40DHLA  30mm long - DELAH40.30 Ram pipe Dellorto 40DHLA  40mm long - DELAH40.40 Ram pipe Dellorto 45/48DHLA 14mm long - DELAH45.14 Ram pipe Dellorto 45/48DHLA  20mm long - DELAH45.20 Ram pipe Dellorto 45/48DHLA  30mm long - DELAH45.30 Ram pipe Dellorto 45/48DHLA  40mm long - DELAH45.40 choke weber 40 dcoe: 30mm - webch40.30 choke weber 45 dcoe: 34mm - webch45.34 choke weber 48/50 dco/sp: 38mm - webch48.38 choke dellorto 40 dhla  30mm - delch40.30 choke dellorto 45 dhla  34mm - delch45.34 Weber choke retaining screw DCOE - WEBCHSCREW Weber auxillary venturi 4.5 40 DCOE - WEBAV40.45 Weber auxillary venturi 4.5 45 DCOE - WEBAV45.45 Weber auxillary venturi 5.0 45 DCOE - WEBAV45.50 Weber auxillary venturi 5.0 48 DCO/SP - WEBAV48.50 Straight fuel banjo union & bolt - WEBBANJO Fuel banjo union 90deg - WEBBANJO90 Fuel banjo union with straight T - WEBBANJOT Banjo bolt - WEBBANJOBOLT Weber fibre washer (thin) banjo bolt - WEBFW1 Weber fibre washer (thick) banjo union - WEBFW2 Weber acceperator pump diaphragm DCNF - WEBAPDDCNF Weber float: DCNF - WEBFLDCNF Weber float: DCOE & DCO/SP - WEBFLDCOE Weber DCOE jet inspection cover - WEBJETCOVER Weber DCOE jet inspection cover gasket - WEBJETCOVERG Mixture screw (late type): Weber DCOE - WEBMSDCOE Mixture screw spring: Weber DCOE - WEBMSSDCOE Throttle return spring: Weber DCOE - WEBTRSDCOE Weber accelerator pump diaphragm DGV/DGAV/DGAS - WEBAPDDGV Weber anti-stall diaphragm DGV/DGAV/DGAS - WEBASDDGV Weber float: DGV/DGAV/DGAS - WEBFLDGV Weber accelerator pump diaphragm IDF - WEBAPDIDF-2 Weber float: 40/44/48 IDF - WEBFLIDF Weber linkage kit, top mounting 2xDCOE & DCO/SP - single cable - WEBLP1000 Weber linkage kit, top mounting 2xDCOE & DCO/SP - twin cable - WEBLP2000 Weber linkage kit, bottom mounting 2xDCOE & DCO/SP - single cable - WEBLP3000 Weber linkage kit, bottom mounting 2xDCOE & DCO/SP - twin cable - WEBLP4000 Weber throttle cable - WEB99901.628 Weber cable adjuster & nut - WEB99901.430 Weber throttle return spring - WEB99901.155 Weber throttle pedal twin cable block - WEB99901.645 Throttle linkage kit: twin Weber DCOE - FSESTLK100 Mangoletsi linkage kit: Weber DCOE single cable - WEBLP4241 Mangoletsi linkage kit: Weber DCOE twin cable - WEBLP4245 Mangoletsi linkage kit: Dellorto DHLA single cable - WEBLP4301D Mangoletsi linkage kit: Dellorto DHLA twin cable - WEBLP4303D

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