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Catalogue 2012 Page 87

Burton Power 2012 Catalogue Page 87

Thermotec exhaust wrap 1 Thermotec exhaust wrap 1 Thermotec exhaust wrap 2 Thermotec exhaust wrap 2 Thermotec snap strap kit 12x9 Thermotec snap strap kit 6x18 Thermotec turbo kit insulation 4 cyl - TEC15001 Thermotec turbo kit insulation 8 cyl - TEC15002 Thermotec thermoshield aluminium tape adhesive - TEC14002 Thermotec heat shield starter motor 7 vht spray paint  400ml: anthracite - sper002a Thermotec hi-heat coat black for exhaust wrap - TEC12001 Thermotec hi-heat coat silver for exhaust wrap - TEC12002 Thermotec hi-heat coat copper for exhaust wrap - TEC12003 Thermotec battery heat barrier kit 40 Thermotec heat barrier 12 Thermotec heat barrier 12 Thermotec aluminised heat barrier 20x18 Thermotec aluminised heat barrier 20x36 Thermotec aluminised heat barrier 36 Reflect-a-gold 12 Reflect-a-gold 24 Reflect-a-gold 24 Thermotec thermosleeve .25-.5 Thermotec thermosleeve .625-1 Thermotec thermosleeve 1.125-1.5 Thermotec thermosleeve 1.625-2 Thermotec thermosleeve 2.125-2.5

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