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Millers gear oil CRX 75W90 NT+ Nanodrive full synthetic 1 ltr MIL6155J

Millers gear oil CRX 75W90 NT+ Nanodrive full synthetic 1 ltr MIL6155J
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Competition fully synthetic transmission oil. A blend of ful....


Competition fully synthetic transmission oil. A blend of fully synthetic base oils incorporating new “Nano Technology” additive chemistry to significantly reduce internal friction and power losses. Designed for the lubrication of competition gearboxes. Manual transmissions, synchromesh, non-synchromesh, sequential gearboxes, transfer gearboxes and hypoid differentials without plate type limited slip which require API GL4 or GL5 performance. Recommended for modern transmissions where fully synthetic oil is specified, especially for high performance road and track day applications. Note: Does not contain friction modifiers. For plate type Limited Slip differentials use CRX LS 75w90 NT. GL-4, GL-5
Nanodrive Low Friction Technology
Millers have used their Nanodrive low friction technology to develop the next generation of Motorsport Oils. Building on the reputation of their triple ester engine oils, they have developed a new range of engine oils that dramatically outperform conventional motorsport engine oils showing a significant reduction in friction, reduced wear and importantly for drivers, a boost in power. They have built on the development of their highly acclaimed, award winning, Nano Technology gear oils. The NT gear oils received the world motorsport award for best new product in 2009 and continue to outperform conventional gear oils today. Friction is dramatically reduced through the use of spherical nanoparticle structures in the oil formulations. These act to fill the rougher surfaces of metallic components by forming a ‘tribofilm’, making the surface ultra smooth. The formulations reduce high load friction at extreme pressures and continue to function even in stop-start driving conditions – reducing engine component wear and increasing engine power. Independent tests not only show an increase in power, they report that you can feel the improvement.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Part No MIL6155J
Product Group Engine & Gearbox Oils
Replaces Part Nos MIL1201/1 MIL1203/1 MIL5520J
Stock Status Available From Stock
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