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Outer pinion bearing: Atlas, Ford Granada & Sierra axle inc Cosworth AXAT3

Outer pinion bearing: Atlas, Ford Granada & Sierra axle inc Cosworth AXAT3
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  • Ford Capri Mk1 2.6, 3.0 V6 & RS3100 1969-1974 (Atlas axle)
  • Ford Capri Mk2 1.6GT & 2.0 SOHC 1974-1978 (Atlas axle)
  • Ford Capri Mk2 2.0, 2.3 & 3.0 V6 1974-1978 (Atlas axle)
  • Ford Capri Mk3 1.6GT & 2.0 SOHC 1978-1986 (Atlas axle)
  • Ford Capri Mk3 2.0, 2.3, 2.8 & 3.0 V6 1978-1986 (Atlas axle)
  • Ford Cortina Mk3 2.0 1970-1976 (Atlas axle)
  • Ford Cortina Mk4 2.0/2.3 1976-1979 (Atlas axle)
  • Ford Cortina Mk5 2.0/2.3 1979-1982 (Atlas axle)
  • Ford Escort Mk1/Mk2 – modified competition cars (Atlas axle)
  • Ford Escort RS Cosworth 4x4 T34 1992-06/1994
  • Ford Escort RS Cosworth 4x4 T25 06/1994-1996
  • Ford Consul/Granada Mk1 1972-1977
  • Ford Granada Mk2 1977-1985
  • Ford Granada Mk3/Scorpio Cosworth 2.9 24v BOA 1990-10/1994
  • Ford Granada/Scorpio Mk3 1.8/2.0/2.3/2.3D/2.8/2.9 1985-1994
  • Ford Scorpio 1994-1998
  • Ford Sierra 1.3/1.6/1.8/2.0/2.3/2.3D 1982-1992
  • Ford Sierra RS Cosworth 3 door 1986-1987
  • Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 1987
  • Ford Sierra Sapphire RS Cosworth 2wd 1988-1989
  • Ford Sierra Sapphire RS Cosworth 4x4 1990-1992
  • Ford Sierra XR4i 1984-1985
  • Ford Sierra XR4x4 2.8i & 2.9i V6 1985-1992
  • Ford Sierra XR4x4 2.0 DOHC 8v 1989-1992
  • Ford Taunus TC Mk1 2.0/2.3 1970-1975 (Atlas axle)
  • Ford Taunus TC2 Mk2 2.0/2.3 1976-1979 (Atlas axle)
  • Ford Taunus TC3 Mk3 2.0/2.3 1979-1982 (Atlas axle)

Atlas Axle: Originating in the 1960s from the Transit Mk1, the Atlas axle was soon transferred to the Capri as a heavy duty alternative to the English axle for the powerful V6 models. It is referred to as the ‘Salisbury’ axle in the Ford parts lists and Type D in the Ford workshop manuals. Note that ‘Salisbury’ is simply the design/style of axle which is common amongst many different manufacturer makes (this name should not be confused with Salisbury LSD units that fit the English axle).

The Atlas was made the standard axle fitted to most of the Capri Mk2/3 range but reserved only for the 2.0/2.3 Cortinas. It continued in the Transit range up to the late 1980s and a version of this axle was also fitted to the Sierra based P100s.

Its durable design, by using stronger casings, stronger tubes and larger crown wheels and pinions, make it ideal for competition applications. They are most commonly used in Escorts as a baby or narrow Atlas, which are basically a Mk1 Capri unit.

Identification: The Atlas axle has an integral differential housing with a rear inspection cover bolted to the casing, but so does the similar looking Koln axle. Check the 3 bolts top and bottom that secure the rear cover – the Atlas unit has evenly spaced bolts whilst the Koln is uneven.

Standard halfshaft spline is 16 teeth. ZF Group 4 uses 18 teeth (competition only).

Oil capacity is approx 1.1 litres.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Part No AXAT3
Fits Axle Type Atlas Axle, Sierra Axle
Product Group Axle Components (Rear)
Replaces Part Nos 6510925 AXS3
Stock Status Available From Stock
Catalogue 2018 Page Click HERE to view this part on page 101 of our 2019 catalogue
Brand Logo Burton Power
Fits Model Variant Ford Escort Cosworth, Ford Granada Mk1, Ford Granada Mk2, Ford Sierra (2WD Cosworth), Ford Sierra (4WD Cosworth)

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