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Road/rally camshaft Ford BDA 16v new L2(BDA)

Road/rally camshaft Ford BDA 16v new L2(BDA)
No Tax, Each £239.68 Taxed, Each £287.62
Stock Lead Time Typically 1-2 weeks
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2000-7500rpm. Valve lift .344". Duration 302deg. Timing 49/7....


Good fast road cam. Similar power to the BLF14 but slightly less tractable in the lower rev range. However, this cam can normally be fitted without carrying out any further modifications. Should fit without any further modifications, but all clearances should be checked during assembly.

Power Band: 2000-7500rpm

Valve Lift: 0.344"

Duration: 302° inlet

Timing Figures: 49/73/73/49

Inlet/Exhaust Full Lift Position: 102° ATDC

Inlet Valve Lift at TDC: 0.122"

Exhaust Valve Lift at TDC: 0.127"

Valve Clearances: .010" inlet/.010" exhaust

Durations quoted at .010” / .25mm checking height.

Ford Cosworth BD Series 16v
  • Ford Escort Mk1 RS1600 1970-1974
  • Ford Escort Mk2 RS1800 1975-1977
  • BDA 1.6 road engine
  • BDB/BDC 1.7 rally/race engine
  • BDD 1.6 race Atlantic engine
  • BDE 1.8 race engine
  • BDG 2.0 race engine
  • BDH 1.3 race engine
  • BDJ 1.1 race engine
  • BDP 2.0 race engine
  • BDR 1.6/1.7 Caterham Super Seven engine
  • BDX 2.0+ race engine
Additional Information

Additional Information

Part No L2(BDA)
Fits Engine Type Ford BDA/BDG 16v
Product Group Camshafts
Stock Status Stock Lead Time Typically 1-2 weeks
Fits Engine Make Ford
Catalogue 2018 Page Click HERE to view this part on page 26 of our 2018 catalogue
Brand Logo Burton Power
Free Shipping Free UK Delivery Available

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