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Ford Anglia 100E & 107E Tuning Guide

In 1953 Ford redesigned the Anglia and Prefect models in line with their already popular Consul and Zodiac models. The transverse leaf springs were binned in favour of the MacPherson strut and independent front suspension and the side-valve engine was given more power and smoother running. Build costs were lower now too thanks to the reinforced chassis frame of the old models being replaced with a steel monocoque. Models only differed in trim level with the 1200 sidevalve being fitted to all, until the four-door 107E came along with its Kent pre-crossflow. These quirky cars are far from the last word in performance and any form of modification requires a fair amount of hard work.

Any engine that you decide to transplant into the engine bay of your 100E will require serious bulkhead modifications. One of the most popular engine swaps is the Pinto engine but as the bulkhead and gearbox tunnel have got to be cut anyway, the world is literally your oyster if you can work a welder! Why not be the first person to put a Duratec engine into a 100E? The following pages list all of our Duratec conversion products. It’s worth noting now that in nearly every instance the standard steering box and front suspension is often binned in favour of modified Escort parts (front suspension, crossmember, steering rack) so you won’t find much listed in our catalogue specifically for the 100E, but you will find many of the commonly retro-fitted Escort parts. In most instances you’ll be fitting a Type-9 or Type-E gearbox and so the, quick shift, uprated helical and straight cut gearbox options will still apply to you.

It’s a common modification to swap the standard rear axle for that of an English axle from a 105E Anglia - which is both stronger and has the familiar 4x108 stud pattern. If you’re putting an engine with serious power under the bonnet it will be well worth investing in a limited slip differential from either Quaife or Tran-X. If you’re planning on giving the car some serious abuse, it might also be worth investing in some two-piece halfshafts as these are much stronger than the standard ones.

With Escort struts fitted, your suspension options are the same as with the Escort itself, choose from simple lowering springs right through to off of the shelf, fully adjustable struts. The same can also be said of the braking system, standard Escort brakes right through to big disc conversions.

There is no doubt that a 100E is a serious project due to the amount of fabrication work required to both the car itself and off of the shelf parts to make them fit, but once you have the rear-drive Escort parts on the car, modifying one is as easy as with any Escort and you’ll find yourself with a seriously cool old Ford once it’s finished.