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Ford Anglia 105E Tuning Guide

The 105E Anglia replaced the 100E and was a huge step forward once again in terms of it’s running gear and of course it’s American flavoured rear fins and reverserake rear window which served little purpose other than to make the Anglia noticeably different to anything else on the UK arket at the time. It came with either a 997 or 1200 cc Pre-Crossflow Kent engine; which was a huge improvement over the 100E’s side-valve unit both in terms of performance and reliability. It has recently enjoyed a huge boost in popularity in the world of Fords not only due to it’s starring role in a Harry Potter film, but also thanks to the huge increase in demand (and subsequent increase in price) on it’s younger brother - the Escort.

The period modification of choice for the 105E Anglia is to simply swap in a 1500GT Pre-Crossflow from a Cortina Mk1 or 2. This, combined with either the 1200cc gearbox (or better still the 2000E gearbox), makes for a fun little car and is pretty much a straightforward swap. A Crossflow is the next choice although it’s not quite as straightforward, before you even start you’ll need to either find an engine from a 1600E Cortina or at the very least a sump and timing chain cover to go onto your 711M blocked engine as the steering box fitted to an Anglia means that any engine fitted will need a front-bowl sump (unless you swap to Escort suspension, but this isn’t a straightforward job). After this, you’ll need to start making friends with an angle grinder and welder. You can just about squeeze a Zetec under the bonnet of a 105E without resorting to power tools if you use the correct conversion parts. Once you are into the territory of cutting the bulkhead, your choice of engine is limited only by your fabrication ability. Obviously if you keep your engine choice to the Ford family all of our tuning parts will still apply.

Once you’ve chosen an engine, it’s onto the gearbox. A 2000E unit will fit inside a standard Anglia gearbox tunnel, for which we can supply a straight cut gearset from either Tran-X or Quaife if that is the route you wish to take, but these can only take so much power. If you’re fitting anything with serious poke it’s likely that you will have had to modify the bulkhead so you will also find yourself fabricating a transmission tunnel too, to fit a Type-9 or similar. Here the same gearset choices apply, it’s just a matter of deciding which is right for your application. A limited slip differential will compliment any power upgrade that you apply, with Quaife and Tran-X offering a choice of units depending on what you are using the car for. Again our sales team can advise you on what the best choice would be for your car. If you’ve put serious power under the bonnet, you will also need to look at some two-piece halfshafts because your standard ones were designed to cope with 50bhp, at best!

For most engine upgrades you will need to re-locate the brake master cylinders to the inside of the car to gain clearance in the engine bay, this can be easily done with one of our reverse, or bias, pedal boxes. If you aren’t going down the route of power increases but would like to improve pedal feel then one of our remote servo kits will boost the braking system. As the Anglia was fitted with drums all-round originally, to get disc brakes you will need to retro-fit some alternative front suspension. Most common is the Mk2 Cortina strut, but this requires some specialist conversion parts. If you’ve opted to fit modified Escort suspension then the usual list of brake upgrades apply. The 105E is a hugely popular little car and when modified in the right way a hugely fun car to drive.