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Ford Valencia, HCS & Endura E Tuning Guide

Although separate engines, these are all later versions of the Kent and saw service mostly in Fiestas and the later Ka.

The Valencia was a revised unit basically for use in the Fiesta, used from 1976 to 1988 and available in 0.95, 1.1, 1.3 formats. It was also fitted to Mk3 Escorts and to 1.3 Orions from 1986 onwards.

All engines are basically the same as Kent with the fundamental difference of being shorter so most of the components are not interchangeable. The engines conform to the usual chain driven cam with pushrod operation of the valve train. All cranks runs in 3 bearings with the normal Kent type split bearings, plus interference fit gudgeon pins on the small ends.

Most use either a Weber twin choke TLDM carburettor or, single-point fuel injection.

A really useful component you can rob from the Valencia engine is the electronic distributor, which will fit a normal Crossflow with a touch of re-wiring. This will suit a mild engine - anything else needs one of our performance distributor or Ignitor kits.

The HCS - High Compression Swirl - version came after the Valencia and was used from 1988-1995 in 1.0, 1.1 and 1.3 sizes, chiefly in the Fiesta Mk3, Orion Mk2 and Escorts from Mk3 to Mk5, all in front wheel drive format.

The Endura-E is virtually identical to the HCS and was used from 1995-2002 in the Fiesta Mk4 plus the Ka. The only main differences are an alloy sump and variations in the inlet and manifold system. Both are distributorless, using a crank trigger and coil pack for ignition.

Apart from the mentioned distributor use, nothing is used from these engines when tuning a traditional Kent engine. However, with a touch of careful examination of parts, components such as the alternator brackets can be of some use.